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All-ARPG Summer Halter Show by ValiantShadow All-ARPG Summer Halter Show by ValiantShadow
Registered Name:  WOS Polaris
Breed: Nordanner
ReferenceA1912 Polaris

Alex bounced excitedly towards the beach, still in shock that they were actually on the Hawaiian coast.  The smell of ocean air hit his nostrils, and the sound of the breakers crashing against the shoreline found his ears.  Beside the slight human, Polaris craned her neck about, looking this way and that at her new surroundings.  The mare was a bit....shaken....unfortunately.  She had been shipped via plane - just like her handler - and she was not sure she liked that feeling, since horses did not get first class seats.  However, she was here now, and out of Quarantine, and just in time for the show.  
Alex had spent 30 days waiting around - mostly in his hotel and some of the small city areas - for Polaris to be released, and now here they were, their respective feet and hooves sinking into the soft sand.  
"Isn't this great?" Alex asked the white mare, reaching up to scratch the pale star in the middle of her amber champagne forehead.  Polaris leaned into the scratching fingers, whuffling her master's shoulder with soft pink lips.  Pushing the mare's drooly embrace away, Alex patted her cheek and turned her towards the guest stables, where she would reside until tomorrow's competition.  Since the competitors couldn't officially desensitize their mounts to the waves until the following morning, Alex felt it wouldn't be fair to take the mare all the way down to the beach.  Instead, he would leave her in her stall until bright and early the next day, when she would be allowed to go down to the shoreline and explore alongside the other competing animals.  But....that was no reason Alex couldn't visit the beach.  He had not had much time for exploring the Hawaiian islands, unfortunately, as he'd been busy fretting over his precious mare's quarantine.  Alex had a rather special bond with the dominant white Nordanner; she had stolen his heart with her endearing demeanor and princess-like devotion to looking pretty.  And she was such a calm horse.  She balanced out her handler's anxious tendencies with a well placed muzzle rub, or her slow, calm movements.  
Now, Polaris was where she belonged, and she had worked her soothing magic on the slender blond.  So, if she was going to have to stay in her stall, why not spend some time relaxing before the show?  After all, it was Hawaii.
With this decided, Alex bedded down the white mare, making sure that the decorations he had brought for her long mane, as well as her blue show halter were where they belonged in the tack box that occupied the corner of her stall.  Locking the stall's bolt behind him, Alex bid farewell to Polaris and scampered off to explore the island.


Alex's alarm went off at five a.m.  Cursing, he slammed his hand down on it, silencing the incessant beeping.  Groaning, he ran a hand through his thick blond hair, and sitting up.  Oh, the things he did for horses.  Stumbling to the bathroom, Alex splashed water on his face, brushed his teeth and hair, and dressed for the competition.  Giving himself a quick once over in the mirror, he grabbed the few items he needed and padded out the door, making his way to the stables.  He arrived promptly at five thirty, an hour and a half early for the competition.  He had work to do before the competition began.  Slipping inside Polaris's stall, Alex spoke quietly to the mare, patting her shoulder as he passed to dig around in the tack box.  Pulling out a string of false seaweed, Alex strung the green stuff through the white mare's mane, pinning it in place with clear rubber bands.  Then, he hurried back to the tack box, repeating the actions with a string of fake pearls, which shimmered dimly in the stable lights.  Finally, Alex took some replica seashells and wove them into the remaining length of Polaris's mane, stepping back to view his work.  Perfect.
Next, Alex went to town on the horse's white hide, currying it and brushing it out until the mare shone as much as the pearls in her hair.  Finally, he bent down with a bottle of hoof polish and painted the mare's pink hooves with the clear gloss.  
"All ready, pretty girl," Alex said, smiling at Polaris as the mare reached down to scratch an itch on her leg.
While the mare relieved her itch, Alex removed her halter and a small bottle of silver polish, as well as a rag.  He sat down on the tack box and burnished the noseplate of Polaris's halter, as well as the buckles and hoops until they glittered.  Then, he used a clean edge of the rag and wiped off the material of the blue halter, cleaning any dirt off it.  
Glancing at his watch, Alex realized that he'd spent an hour already getting ready.  Hanging the halter over the stall door, he dug a protein bar out of his pocket and munched it, moving about to get Polaris her own breakfast of hay and a small handful of oats, which the mare gulped down quickly.  Once they were both done, Alex slipped the halter over Polaris's ears, buckling it and clipping a lead onto it.


The sand shifted under Alex's feet as he lead the horse to the competition grounds.  It was nearly seven, and already the other competitors were lining up to explore the surf.  A seal bay splash mare was calmly standing in the shallows, and some sort of terrifying blue dragon creature was eyeing the fish in the water.  Alex knew that not only horses were going to be in the competition, and he expected to see plenty of Tokotas or Shedus, but the dragon-like creature was an unexpected creature.  He wondered what it was.  Maybe he would speak to the dragon's handler after the show and find out.  It certainly was pretty, glittering blue in the water.
Turning his attention back to Polaris, Alex led the white mare slowly into the water.  He felt it press against his black boots, and Polaris shuddered as the cold salt water touched her legs.  But a moment later, the white mare relaxed.  She even bent down her head, sniffing at the water.  Unfortunately, a wave rolled in just as she leaned down, splashing her muzzle and causing the mare to jerk her head up, snorting.  
"Easy, Girl," Alex said, chuckling as he patted her neck.  Shaking her head, Polaris snorted again.  As soon as the mare was calmed down, Alex led her to one of the pens that had been set up along the shore.  Polaris wasn't scheduled to perform until that afternoon, when high tide receded, and Alex had some free time.  So, he waved goodbye to the pale mare and headed out to sun on the beach until time to go.


Now that lunch was concluded, Alex was waiting patiently to exhibit Polaris for the judges.  The morning had started out cloudy, cleared up, and clouded up again, and Alex wondered if the weather would hold until he and Polaris were finished.  It seemed that it would, as Alex heard his and Polaris's name called almost immediately.  Clucking his tongue to the mare, Alex gently tugged on her lead line, moving her forward to the middle of the 'arena' on the beach.  Unclipping her lead - to show that she would stand alone without being told - Alex stepped away from the white mare, letting her do her stuff.  As if she knew the spotlight was on her, Polaris raised her head, and Alex swore it looked like she turned directly to the judges and batted her eyelashes.  (1285 Words)
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