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EluAwenasa | Ashe | Aronos Circle Member by ValiantShadow EluAwenasa | Ashe | Aronos Circle Member by ValiantShadow
Name: Ashe
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Tenacious - No, you let go.  I’m not letting go.  Ashe is incredibly stalwart when she has an idea in her mind, and she is loath to go back on what she has set out to do.  She will sink her teeth into an idea she finds attractive and hold on for dear life.  Being so young compared to her other Circle co-leaders, Ashe finds this aspect of her personality more helpful than hindering to her decisions as a leader.  In order to be taken seriously, she must hold on to the very death.

Greedy - What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.  Indoctrinated within her pack’s ideas on money, Ashe views her worldly possessions as being tied directly to her worth as a leader.  She revels in her furs, gold and other decorations.  She is not fond of those who would take from her, and she is strongly traditional in her methods for controlling and containing her weath.  Friction has grown in Ashe’s heart recently, as he mother is draining her resources, and it rubs her very much the wrong way.

Sharp - I see what you’re doing here; make no mistake about that.  Ashe is rather intelligent, and she picks up on what’s going on around her quickly.  Sidelong glances and angry murmurings do not quickly escape her sight.  Her cunning is quite helpful in her quest to navigate leadership.

Introverted - Get out, leave me be.  I want to sleep until I feel alive again.  Ashe finds herself feeling very drained when it comes to dealing with her pack day in and day out.  She needs some time to relax, time to be herself.  If she cannot unwind, she grows snappish and frustrated easily.

Prideful - It’s my home, and damn those who’d put it down.  Ashe is incredibly proud of her pack, and their ability to survive in locations where no other wolf would venture.  She is devoted to the idea of pack lines, and her connection to the very founders of Aronos has gone to her head.

Connected - I see the world through your eyes.  I hear it through your ears.  Ashe feels that, as a leader, she should be connected to all of those who fall beneath her.  Although she does not see her packmates as her equals, she makes an effort to be involved in their lives, hoping to find ways to integrate herself into their daily lives.

Uncertain - I really don’t know.  I just...don’t know.  Ashe, although she would never admit it to the general public, is terribly uncertain with her role as leader.  She is not sure what the best way to lead her pack is, especially since she has few connections to her pack’s historical need for greed.  She desires to be a fitting leader, but she fears her ability to do so.

Self-Reliant - I got this.  I don’t need help.  I can do it by myself..  Like most of her pack, Ashe is atheistic, choosing to trust in her own abilities rather than made-up stories of dangerous Gods.  Similarly, she trusts herself above her packmates, believing that she must find the strength for herself to survive whatever life throws at her.  Begging for help is not an option.

Brave - You think I’ll quiver?  That I’ll quake?  Well, you must be mistaken.  Ashe faces a struggle each day she rises; her mother still lives, and the Circle members around her have made it clear that she’s not their equal.  Ashe is the youngest leader in Circle history, and her pack has lost some respect for her, despite her wealthy financial status.  Or what was her wealthy financial status.  Ashe’s personal coffers are failing, drained by her mother.  Facing these stigmas of her pack, Ashe rises each morning and forces herself to go on and take care of business, regardless of how she feels.

New-Aged - Yes I’m aware we’ve always done it this way.  What I’m saying is maybe we shouldn’t.  Ashe brings new blood into the Circle, and with it new ideas.  She was one of the deciding votes in casting [Name Here] as the Hunt Leader, and she has many other suggestions as to how to improve the pack, many of which are unconventional.  Unfortunately, these ideas are not so warmly welcomed.


Ashe was born to the Smoke line, one of the most prominent families within Aronos.  Her birth was not an easy prospect; often her mother - Leima - had to be attended by a healer, due to some new and grueling complication with her condition. It was often speculated that the wolf would not even carry her pups to term, so severe was her trouble.  Her mate, a gray and white wolf named Tuk, one of the most conventional Circle Members spared no expense for his wife’s comfort, knowing he would rebuild his fortune with the yearly tithes.  Leima grew to enjoy the attention of her pack, who often brought her gifts or paid their respects to the high-ranking she-wolf.  Her attraction to the attention was so strong, some healers even mumbled that perhaps she was eating bad leaves, or faking her pain for the attention.  Luckily, these words did not reach back to Tuk’s ears, or he would have punished the dissenters.  He doted upon his wife.

Finally, after a long and grueling pregnancy, Leima slunk away to her family cave in order to birth her pups.  Or, in this case, pup.  Only one, a scrawny, black she-pup was born.  At first, the creature was so small that Leima’s family feared she would die, but the small creature pulled through the night, and her mother named her as the first rays of light touched the land.  Ashe would be the name of her daughter, reminiscent of her dark coat.

For the first few years of her life, Ashe was given every comfort she could desire.  An ermine coat draped across her shoulders, and new skins were added to it each year that she grew.  Her learning was given as per pack traditions, but it was certain her education would be continued with her family’s funds once she grew old enough.  Although both her parents were busy working with the Circle, Tuk and Leima took time to take care of their child, playing with her and teaching her valuable skills such as hunting and strategizing.  Generally, her youth was spent surviving the cold, being doted upon by her parents, and drudgingly working through her lessons.

When Ashe turned fifteen, she performed her Cold Watch, washing off the marks of childhood as dawn broke over her pack.  It made the black wolf proud to consider herself an adult in her pack, although she longed to explore some different paths in her grown life.  Being related to the pack’s first Lead Hunter, Smoke, Ashe often imagined herself becoming leader of the hunt, taking down enormous creatures, and bringing home enough meat and skins to keep her pack thriving.  However, her birthright had other plans for her.  Because of her parents’ rank in the Circle, Ashe was forced into higher learning, rather than pursuing her desire to hunt.  Her time was spent learning how to become a leader, when her parents finally retired or passed on.

Unfortunately, that day would come far sooner than anyone would have wished.  Not more than two months after Ashe’s twentieth birthday, Tuk was violently taken from her life.  The Council member had been running along a steep mountain trail, when a sudden snowstorm swept over the land, dislodging a series of precariously perched boulders along the trail.  Unknowingly, Tuk ran right into the dangerous area, and he was crushed by the falling rocks.  His death was certain.  

When the storm ended, one of the hunters eventually found Tuk’s body, though the hunter, nor the other pack members could exhume him.  His final resting place would be along the blocked trail.  In shock, Ashe turned to Leima, who proved to be nearly as useless as her husband’s body.  Seeing another opportunity to be fawned over, the she-wolf claimed that her life was over, her soul devastated, and that she could no longer fulfil her duties as a leader.  It was highly unusual for Leima to do this, and she garnered plenty of attention, but it wasn’t enough.  The she-wolf began going from healer to healer, searching for a way to mend her broken heart.  Of course, she would not subject herself to a healer free of charge; only the best of care could be given to Leima.

For Ashe, the months following her father’s death rocked her to the core.  With Leima prancing off to gather the sympathy of her pack, Ashe was left in a bind.  Neither of her parents were able to lead, but she was just a child compared to the other leaders.  Technically, Leima controlled the finances, but Ashe was given some control by the Circle, on the condition that she filled one of the empty spots left by her parents.

Despite the fact that she was terrified, Ashe chose to take her parents’ place in leadership.  Being only twenty, she was far younger than all of the other Circle members, and it was soon made clear to the black she-wolf that she was only allowed to stand on the Circle because of her family’s wealth.  She was not wanted here.  But she was determined to stay.

It was, and continues to be, a struggle for the black wolf to find her place in the Circle.  Her youthful ideas were not appreciated, and as Leima drained more and more of her own coffers to feed her need for attention, Ashe’s level of respect has dropped less and less.  Because Ashe wishes to connect to her pack, and perhaps change some of the more outdated traditions, she fears losing her place on the Council due to lack of funds.  Perhaps her greed fueled her as well, but whatever the true reason, Ashe is determined to get her family’s fortune back, and earn a place on the Circle where she will be respected, despite her age.

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