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Commission Ashwyn101 by Tamnyan

Let me just say: wow. This is a gorgeous piece, Tam. The face/mane does kinda remind me of Simba, but the eyes are quite different; they seem dark, menacing, almost. Perhaps it's just the olive color that makes them look so scary, but this lion definitely looks a bit malevolent.

I love how you've outlined the mane hairs, but used little to no color difference with the lines around the body; it makes the mane stand out against the rest of the body.

The overall body shape, composition, and movement is wonderful! This looks like a lion with a purpose, on his way to do something important.

The coloring: gorgeous. I love how the shading is matched to the 'light source', in this case the sun.

The scars....for some reason look fake to me. I can't quite pinpoint it, but I think it may have something to do with the size/position of the scars. They seem a little too thin, and it's weird that there's no definite 'pattern' to the lines of the scars. Now, this was a commission, so if the owner of the character had the scars like that, I completely understand.

But, they do seem a little off-color. Unless they're fresh, I would think a scar like that would be more gray, and less pink, because the gray fur is hiding the flesh.

The little branch in the front could use some work. It appears to be a brush, which is fine, but the front one could use a little more detail. You could have shaded the bush to make it look realistic, and I think it needs to be bigger and blurrier as well. It's kinda messing with the flow as it is, and the small size compared to the 'large' bushes in the background makes it look pasted-on. It doesn't look like it belongs.

But again, overall, amazing! I love your TLK stuff.
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