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ValiantShadow Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Yup...I'm going to try taking point commissions again.

Below are rules, prices, and examples.

Sketch- 5 :points: Either a traditional or digital sketch of your character, no color. White or single color background only.

Flat color- 7 :points: One layer, flat-colored character. 1 :points: extra for each additional character. White or transparent background only.

Basic Shading: 9 :points: One color basic shading. 2 :points: for each additional character. White or transparent background.

Full Commission: 20 :points: Shading and background. 10 :points: per additional character.

:bulletred: R U L E S :bulletred:

No sexual themes/extreme nudity.
Please give me an accurate description (or link to ref) of what you want.
Tell me if you don't like something on the WIP's. I'll change it.
Do not pay until the project is finished.


Type of Commish:
Character ref (extremely helpful!):

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