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This is overall a gorgeous piece, Luka. The aurora borialis (I'm assuming it's borialis and not the other one, XD) gives the picture almost a warm feeling. The stars are beautiful, the speckling and differences in the sizes are just amazing. I love the one, bright star near the top, it makes me think that the wolf is looking towards Sirius.

The lighting, again, is just phenomenal! Good gracious, it looks so real. The sky is the perfect shade of blue, not too dark like most night skies, and I love how the ice reflects the glow from the aurora.

The wolf itself is very well detailed and drawn. The head is proportioned well, and the features are set nicely into the face.

I only see a few small things that I don't like. The wolf/dog's chest seems to be a little small and twisted awkwardly because of the way tht head is turned. The front paws look a little small as well, but not too bad. The lineless drawing around the tail and haunches looks a little rough, like it's out of place. Perhaps shading that bit of the fur on the tail darker would make it look less stark in contrast.

Overall, beautiful, beautiful drawing! I love the wolf/dog's design too. :)
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